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David August is an award-winning actor, acting coach, writer, director, and producer. He plays a role in the movie Dependent’s Day, and after its theatrical run, it’s now out on Amazon (affiliate link). He has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC, on the TV show Ghost Town, and many others. His artwork has been used and featured by multiple writers, filmmakers, theatre practitioners, and others to express visually. Off-screen, he has worked at ad agencies, start-ups, production companies, and major studios, helping them tell stories their customers and clients adore. He has guest lectured at USC’s Marshall School of Business about the Internet.

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David August Acting Coaching

David August is an actor, acting coach, writer and director. You can be located anywhere in the world; we can work via video chat remotely.


"David August is an extraordinary coach and I enjoyed my time working with him! Each session felt very warm and welcoming. After only one session, I already felt more comfortable in my scene work! If you're considering hiring him, you won't regret it!" - Gretchen Mosby

"Late in life, and during the pandemic, I decided to take one-on-one acting lessons. I've been working with David on Zoom for over a year and have learned so incredibly much! I was very nervous our first session but he very quickly put me at ease. He asked me lots of questions to learn the medium I want to focus on, find the right scenes for me to work on and how best to work together. He taught me how to come at a scene and character from multiple perspectives, always offering fantastic advice to achieve the intention, whether the intention I come up with or the challenge he's given me. If I'm struggling with something, he's great at shifting the angle to come at the challenge in a different way that will work better for me. He's a professional who is very patient, creative and fun to work with!" – Lori Kash

"He's shown me that voice over is truly a form of acting, not just reading a script. He knows a lot about how to interpret a script and gets me to achieve far more than I could on my own." – Marty Bieschke

A few posts I've written about acting:

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I was recently asked, "What's your technique for teaching?" a few thoughts:

Coaching one person, I consider the timeline and look for a way that works/resonates, often using various techniques as they land differently.

Teaching groups, I use a combination of techniques to connect with each person and refine what works.

Teaching scripted performance, I focus on text analysis, technique-informed-by-story and keeping things immediate/present to catch accidental behavior on film.

For improv, a lot of my training was Spolin based in schools like Second City, sense of play, directed play and building good story/character are included.

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